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Wynn Resorts Macau Casino Books $10M "Black Swan" Gambling Loss | Zero Hedge

The day for China to reclaim the throne is coming - what it will mean for the rest of the world, at this time, is unknown.

According to Bloomberg, the loss occurred at the Wynn Palace baccarat tables. Macau has a system where junket operators like Suncity http://papineau-cameron.info/online-casino-australia-app.php high rollers to casinos, wynn online casino them cash and pay for private rooms. The casinos then pay the operators a commission based on the amount their clients bet.

Robert Hannum, a professor of risk at the University of Denver who was interviewed by Bloomberg, explained wynn online casino a string of canada poker of this magnitude is extremely unlikely in baccarat, though the game does have some of http://papineau-cameron.info/olg-online-casino-iphone.php best odds for players.

In baccarat, the house advantage averages 1. The inherent volatility of the casino business, a phenomenon with which President Donald Trump is well acquainted, has forced some resort companies to use creative accounting techniques to prevent a stretch of bad luck from ruining a quarter. Wynn is becoming known for his antics during earnings calls. They need a taxpayer bailout The stupid plebs will allow for anything so long as their refigerators are full of beer and their TVs brimming with asinine entertainments.

Goldman Sachs went more than two years without a single day of losses on their prop trading desk. These guys are fucking pikers.

No way this was just "bad luck". In the old days it would have gone down like this, https: There was a story not long ago about a pair of players that discovered a problem in how the decks were preprinted that allowed them to bilk some millions out of a casino.

One is curious if wynn online casino is related. IIRC the flaw was a lack of rotational symmetry, so the players could "mark" a card by rotating wynn online casino as it was returned to the dealer. After the shoe cycled they had additional data when betting, inverting the house edge to a house deficit.

So this is wynn online casino that happens only once every 50 years? And Wynn has been in the casino business for It could have happened anytime, it just happened now. A "long tail" event, probably 5 Sigma or so. Rare, but eventually a coin will come up heads times in a row. Might buy this stock on Monday. Chances of this repeating next month? NWO money laundering scheme.

Wynn didn't lose anything if you were able to check the right bank account that no one knows about. This is why Wynn and Adelson will make sure that any Supreme Court Justice will get the Scalia "My Pillow" treatment if she or he indicates wynn online casino oral that they may be inclined to rule in New Jersey's favor in its sports betting case. They cannot afford to let the activity Leave Las Vegas,a place where they can continue to exploit the 90 IQ learn more here mindless Mexicans,and the tourists.

Were Wynn online casino to force them to open up their product online,they would have to move the Wailing Wall next to McCarran because of the wynn online casino given to them by the intelligent goyim in the other 49 states. On that note, I just can't understand how prostitution wynn online casino O. The hypocricy is mind-boggling. We should expect so if they want to pay back the initial investment plus running costs: Good way to pay off book debtors wynn online casino blame it on bad luck, or good luck depending on the point of view.

They need Algo machines. Good luck betting against them. Even with low-volume bets, they'll make billions! Yeah, well, I lost about that much on this stupid company I'll give you a hint: I can't believe it I don't know if it's Wynn's association with Trump or continue reading but it must be a really slow news day link this crap to be posted as "news".

This is almost exclusively a very high roller game, usually by invitation only in a separate room, and single bets go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars routinely. I would have been more impressed if the winnings were in craps! I remember years ago after I learned how to play craps, a friend of mine asked me to join him at the black jack table, I lasted about 2 hands, it bored me to tears! Cinematically speaking craps IS the most exciting game to wynn online casino i.

Hot hookers blowing on phallic, rather scrotal dice. I don't get it - does the bank play baccarat against article source Always played it against other players, the bank only took rake similiar to poker. Here's our Cookie Policy. How to report offensive comments. Jul 28, 9: Printer-friendly version Jul 28, 9: Comment viewing options Flat list - collapsed Flat list - expanded Threaded list - collapsed Threaded list - expanded.

Date - newest first Date - oldest first. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Complicit dealers and pit bosses. A year statistical anomaly just doesn't pass the smell test.

TeamDepends ebworthen Jul 28, 9: J S Bach armada Jul 28, VinceFostersGhost cheka Jul 29, 8: VinceFostersGhost Jul 29, 8: They must have had a jew and pakistanis involved. There's no other explanation. NoDebt TeamDepends Jul 28, 9: Here Willie NoDebt Jul 28, 9: It went down like this https: MagicCooler ebworthen Jul 28, 9: Miner ebworthen Jul 28, TheEndIsNear armageddon addahere Jul 28, Scuba Steve BeanusCountus Jul 28, Unless of course, Wynn is looking click to see more lower cost basis Agstacker ebworthen Jul 29, 6: Derfman ebworthen Jul 29, 8: My bet is Mays numbers will be better than normal Bob Beachcomber Jul 28, 9: That is funny, a doctorate in wynn online casino Too-Big-to-Bail Jul 28, 9: Check first if Goldman Sachs shorted the casino prior to the betting losses.

Farqued Up rent slave Jul 29, You left out black and white cigarette puffing tubs of lard females. Yen Cross Jul 28, 9: This could never happen to the fed. Thats why california wants to secede then they can print money too. And if Californians seceded from California they can print their own also? Engali Wynn online casino 28, wynn online casino Uranium Mountain Jul 28, 9: Wynn online casino could have picked a better name than "Wynn Palace".

How about "Loser's Paradise"? Rick Cerone Jul 28, 9: Sounds like wynn online casino wise guys looted the vault. Stupid shareholders better sell. Don Pancho Jul 28, 9: NoDebt Don Pancho Wynn online casino 28, 9: After you saw what happened to Twitter you went all-in on Snapchat?

Dickweed Wang Jul 28, 9: MaxThrust Jul 28, When my wife and I go to Vegas that's all I play! Grumbleduke Jul 28, If they do bet against their customers, then the deserve all that's coming for them.

Wynn online casino

A look back at the blog that was. Two expert selections from John Camacho Vidal. A delicious, fresh everyday Giacosa bottle! Two expert selections from Wynn online casino Adler.

Hold the brewski and have wynn online casino glass of wine. Fireworks and freedom, chocolate ice cream and apple pie, BBQs and glorious wine. You may be dubious and cling tight to your bottle of beer. However, serving wine at barbecues has been a growing phenomenon in the last few years as the palates of American consumers develops a deeper sophistication and appreciation for the unusual parings a good wine can provide for almost any dish.

The only rule is that there is no rule, save one: Source Fouth of July has always been a family affair for me and the first official vacation of summer.

Combing through the inventory I discovered a unique opportunity to deliver a keep it in the family theme with my wine selections. Paolo Bea is perhaps the most reknown producer in Umbria and his son Gianfranco is a fruit not fallen far from the tree. So fire up them grills, pop a cork, and let the sparkles in the sky be mirrored in your mouths with a choice selection. Tastes like freedom to me.

Contrary read article conventional wisdom, the sum of its parts can be greater than the whole, or maybe it just can seem that way. Physical inventory of the some of the finest wine on the planet can be very tricky. The process began several months ago in the preparation phase leading up to Sunday.

Physical Inventory started at 9am when the lucky 26 NY Team members rolled up their australian casino games sleeves and got to work. Carefully created inventory books designated by cellar area were handed out to teams of people.

These teams accounted manually for each individual bottle of their assigned many sections. In seven hours, 45, bottles were manually counted by 26 people; this resulted in the immediate benefit of confirming exactly what wynn online casino is down in the cellar, while intercepting any downstream inventory discrepancies.

No one knows the ins and outs of the cellar like our cellar staff, and in particular Gildardo Lopez, the Cellar Master. His systematic bin identification system maximizes space and captures the location of each of our wines until it is carefully wynn online casino to our clients. The cellar staff http://papineau-cameron.info/what-are-the-best-online-casinos-for-us-players.php all of our lives much easier, and their work is always appreciated, especially during Physical Inventory.

I also observed how incredibly the human brain connects an image to a warm memory. Wynn online casino found this to be the case hundreds of times during physical inventory when teams would encounter some of their favorite wines and immediately connect to one of their own warm memories. Some of my fondest memories were rekindled by seeing the distinct black label of Soldera and remembering the massive and elegant presence on my palate that felt similar to listening to a philharmonic symphony.

In spite of the massive amounts of prep work, execution, and analysis, the Physical Inventory of was full of captured synergies, success, and even wine memories. Feel free to join us this time next year, 9am, Sunday kidding. Go-To-Wine Tuesday is always a celebrated event at my apartment. After getting home and whipping up some pasta Bolognese, I opened up the bottle to investigate.

Immediately after pouring the wine in the glass, I found the go here of cherries perfumed the air. The color was striking, a deep scarlet that shielded all transparency, and showed no signs of youthful purple hues. The wynn online casino look was confirmed in the glass, where the bouquet continued the parade of red fruits and berries.

Rather, it was all poise held in a full-bodied Sangiovese blend. Like a tall statue, the tannins of the Colline Lucchessi were long and focused, not opulent or overbearing. It reminded me of the elegance of a career diplomat, humbled but confidently present. My first thought was that this wine is wynn online casino result of cool nights and comfortably hot days.

The Colline Lucchesi in the Lucca province is wynn online casino of wynn online casino most northern regions of Wynn online casino. There the heat is slightly subdued in comparison to the dry heat of Chianti, and as a more mountainous landscape, touching the foothills of the Northern Apennine Mountains, the Colline Lucchesi is mediated by cool breezes that retain aromatics.

Ready to drink now, this Sangiovese, Canaiolo, and Ciliegolo blend is a strikingly linear wine. Filled with fresh red fruits most vocally cherrynot a hint of greenness, and structurally built for a 5 to 7 more years of age. I recommend this wine to collectors of Brunello and Chianti Riservas as an amazing easy-drinking wine to fill the space between now and the arrival of the vintage later this summer.

How wine is like an elephant. What sticks with you after you return from a four-month stint in Italy is how the wynn online casino is as good as everyone says it is, how the wine is as fantastic and how the land is, somehow, yet more beautiful. If there is one thing to say about visiting Italy, it would have to be this: Wynn online casino fact, it exceeds them.

Italian wines are the same way. Those of you who have been know of what I speak. And the good news continues for those of us who have been to Italy and wynn online casino the wines wynn online casino not the Kool-Aid is that visiting a place where a wine is born does more than gratify your senses and your sense of adventure; it also teaches your palate things that all the sipping in all the tasting rooms will never do.

It teaches you the very fundamentals of terroir. It provides context, multiple sensory images, and the Proustian Madeleine that only physical experience can provide. Back now three weeks, one thing is clear. I have to return. If only, you know, to make certain that my memory is correct.

And to go to Umbria. A meditation on rice wine. When asked about sherry, many people picture their grandmothers sipping on some kind of sweet wynn online casino creamy potion—rice wine conjures a similar image.

Like sherry, I believe Huang Jiu is misunderstood. Indeed there are several cheap brands on the market that are simply bizarre or better suited for cooking; however, great yellow wines wynn online casino exist. These wines reveal a range of aromas and flavors from soy sauce to wild honey to medicine.

The color can be clear gold, murky yellow, amber or sometimes even dark brown as the sugars caramelize during the brewing process. Or, on the other hand, you could receive a mind-blowing ceramic pot of wine that just may change the way you look at the Chinese wines.

I obviously prefer the later. My favorite rice wine is produced in Shaoxing, miles southwest of Shanghai. The first time I encountered this wine I was afraid that I had ordered another snake wine, but I was pleasantly surprised when a small ceramic pot was presented at the table.

The amber liquid was wynn online casino slightly and served out of a teapot-like vessel into small porcelain cups.

Fresh ginger and dried plums were served on the side for those who prefer to add a bit of sweetness. As I brought the cup to my lips I inhaled aromas of toasted nuts, salty sea wynn online casino, medicinal herbs and clay. I was amazed at the flavors that emerged from this year-old pot of yellow rice wine. Served Быть casino taxi встал the Gu Yue Long Shan wine it was superb, and this is one wynn online casino my fondest food and wine memories.

After this introduction to Gu Yue Long Shan, Wynn online casino was eager to sample other aged wines from this producer. The year-old was more refined, lighter in color and click like silk on the palate.

I have not had the opportunity or budget to taste wynn online casino year-old, but am looking forward to that day. Dating back to the dynastic periods, this wine has been enjoyed by http://papineau-cameron.info/free-mobile-casino-slot-games.php, became a favorite of Chairman Mao and is a staple at current government party meetings. Home Authors Shop Wine.

Good-Bye and Thank You! Rows and rows and bottles and bottles of perfectly kept wine. What memories do these bottles evoke? Stalking wynn online casino wild Barolo.

The King of Las Vegas - Steve Wynn

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